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Roman TradeEmperor Hadrian

The Romans were great traders.

There is evidence of trade from all parts of the empire.

Tin, gold and lead was imported to Rome from Brittania.

Amber came from the shores of the Baltic in large quantities.

Olive oil and wine were very important to the Ancient Romans and were traded all over the Roman Empire.

Huge estates grew in rural Italy, mostly worked by slaves, that made their Roman Owners very rich.

Wheat was imported from various parts of the empire to feed the citizens of Rome.

Pottery was produced everywhere, some for local use and some for shipment in trade to Rome.

Silk was traded form China, Papyrus from Egypt and perfumes from Arabia.

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A bust of the Emperor Hadrian (c)2000 Princeton Economic Institute justin Paola - Ancient Rome History Resource Hadrians Roman Life in the times of Emperor Hadrian

The Emperor Hadrian ruled for 21 years from A.D. 117 until A.D. 138, when the Empire of Ancient Rome was at its height.

The Emperor Hadrian consolidated and strengthened The Roman Empire. He was The Roman Emperor responsible for the building of Hadrian's Wall in England.

Hadrian was one of the most remarkable and talented of all the Emperors of Rome.... more about Emperor Hadrian
Hadrians.Com - Emperor Hadrian facts and information - What was daily life REALLY like in Ancient Rome?

Plus Hadrian's Wall History and Hadrian's Wall Photographs!

The Ancient Rome History Resource at Hadrians.Com

Daily Life in Ancient Rome

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Ancient Roman Merchant Ship

Ancient Roman Merchant Ship.

Photograph of a model of an Ancient Roman merchant ship of the second-third century CE (modern).
This would have been the kind of ship used for trade during the reign of Emperor Hadrian.
Madrid, Archaeological Museum. Credits: Barbara McManus, 19??.
Source: www.vroma.org

Ancient Roman Cargo Ship

Ancient Roman Cargo Ship.

Photograph of an Ancient Roman statue of a Roman cargo ship from the grave of a wine merchant, Neumagen (cast).
EUR (Rome), Museum of Roman Civilization. Credits: Barbara McManus, 1979.
Source: www.vroma.org

Ancient Roman Counting Beads and Abacus

Ancient Roman Counting Beads and Abacus.

Photograph of Ancient Roman Counting Beads and Abacus.
Mainz, Landesmuseum. Credits: Barbara McManus, 1988.
Source: www.vroma.org

Ancient Roman Trade Wine Selling

Ancient Roman Trade Wine Selling.

Photograph of an Ancient Roman relief detailing the wine trade business, showing the transportation and selling of the wine. At the top a Roman customer is being served and sold some Roman, or perhaps Greek!, wine. Below an ox is pulling a cart loaded with a barrel of Roman wine.
Trier, Landesmuseum. Credits: Barbara McManus, 1988.
Source: www.vroma.org

Ancient Rome History Resource

Ancient Rome History Resource at Hadrians.Com

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