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Eating OutEmperor Hadrian

It seems that the Ancient Romans often ate out.

An Ancient Roman might choose to eat out at a thermopolium, which was a small pub-like shop selling warmed wines and the ancient equivalent of fast food.

There were also many hot food shops and taverns where meals could be purchased and consumed.

All the usual fare of the Romans could be found at these shops or Taverna, including hot sausages, bread, cheese, dates and of course, wine.

Another place for the Ancient Romans to eat out was at the baths. The baths often had food shops, as well as libraries, hair-cutting facilities and other comforts for Roman Citizens.

Whilst a Roman was relaxing at the baths, he might want something to eat - it was available!

Poor people in Ancient Rome did not have any cooking facilities in their homes. As they lived in tiny apartments without ovens they took wheat to the local baker and had their bread baked there for them.

Poor people would have saved part of their evening food for their breakfast the following day.

There was also a daily distribution of bread by the Emperor, for the poor.

Wealthy Ancient Romans at the time of the Emperor Hadrian would have enjoyed visiting friends for dinner. Dinner parties coud be small and intimate or lavish affairs with entertainment.

At these upper class dinner parties, Roman Men and Roman Women dined together.

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A bust of the Emperor Hadrian (c)2000 Princeton Economic Institute justin Paola - Ancient Rome History Resource Hadrians Roman Life in the times of Emperor Hadrian

The Emperor Hadrian ruled for 21 years from A.D. 117 until A.D. 138, when the Empire of Ancient Rome was at its height.

The Emperor Hadrian consolidated and strengthened The Roman Empire. He was The Roman Emperor responsible for the building of Hadrian's Wall in England.

Hadrian was one of the most remarkable and talented of all the Emperors of Rome.... more about Emperor Hadrian
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Ancient Roman Couple Eating Outside

Ancient Roman Couple Eating Outside.

This mosaic showing a Roman man and a Roman women dining outside was found at a Roman villa at Centocelle near Rome. The scene is set outdoors, since there is fabric tied to a tree to provide shade over the couple. The couple are being served by two Roman slaves. The woman reclines on a pillow; the couch (lectus) is covered with a drape. The woman gazes soulfully into the eyes of a bare-chested man. In the background is a statue, possibly of the Roma goddess Diana.
Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum. Credits: Barbara McManus, 2006.
Source: www.vroma.org

Fast Food
Snacks at the Games

It seems that the Ancient Romans were as fond of "fast food" and "snack food" as we are.

There were literally thousands of corner food shops and taverns serving food and wine in Ancient Rome.

People would have bought food on the way to and from the games.

Sometimes, animals that had been slaughtered in the games were quickly cooked and served to the Romans - this included Giraffe and Lion meat!

Ancient Rome History Resource

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