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Roman BoysEmperor Hadrian

Roman Boys were educated and expected to be able to read and write, and most importantly, to be an effective speaker.

At the time that Emperor Hadrian ruled, most boys of wealthy Roman Families would have been educated in schools away from the home.

Subjects taught to the Roman Boys were Reading, Writing and Counting.

Other important subjects taught to Roman Boys were Roman Law, Roman History, Roman Customs and Respect for the Roman Gods. Physical Education and Training would also have been important as the Ancient Romans expected their young citizens to be prepared to serve and if neccessary fight in the Roman Army for Rome.

A boy from a poorer Roman Family would have been educated at home by his father.

Roman Boys that did go to school went seven days a week - there was no days off at the week-end. The Roman Boys would get a day off when there was a religious festival or celebration and there were a lot of these.

For recreation Roman Boys would have played at war. They used wooden swords.

Other games played by Roman boys included; board games, hobby horses, flying kites, making models. Roman Boys also played with hoops and walked on stilts.

When a Roman Boy reached adult-hood, he was entitled to wear the pure white toga of a man and Roman Citizen. This would usually happen sometime between the boy's fourteenth and seventeenth years.

The Roman Children's Work page has more information on the kind of work a Roman Boy or Roman Girl might have done.

The Roman Children's Clothes page has more information on the kind of clothes a Roman Boy or Roman Girl might have worn.

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A bust of the Emperor Hadrian (c)2000 Princeton Economic Institute justin Paola - Ancient Rome History Resource Hadrians Roman Life in the times of Emperor Hadrian

The Emperor Hadrian ruled for 21 years from A.D. 117 until A.D. 138, when the Empire of Ancient Rome was at its height.

The Emperor Hadrian consolidated and strengthened The Roman Empire. He was The Roman Emperor responsible for the building of Hadrian's Wall in England.

Hadrian was one of the most remarkable and talented of all the Emperors of Rome.... more about Emperor Hadrian
Hadrians.Com - Emperor Hadrian facts and information - What was daily life REALLY like in Ancient Rome?

Plus Hadrian's Wall History and Hadrian's Wall Photographs!

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Daily Life in Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome History Resource at Hadrians.Com

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